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They experienced perfect communion with God and enjoyed being with Him in the evenings. I like to think that they told Him all about their day, as good friends do…When their relationship was broken, God did everything possible to reconcile with them — and all men. He went so far as to sacrifice His only Son so that:. And you will, one beautiful day, walk with Him in person in heaven! God invites you to enter into His rest and perfect joy.

He reminds you that you have the privilege of living in His presence all the days of your life. I encourage you to follow Jesus closely! Enjoy His joyful and comforting company. You will follow Christ better by walking close to Him, all throughout your journey. I just want to thank you for answering my request to send me the my miracle at 6am when I immerse myself in the word of God before I start my day.

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These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Thirdly, that the person has an abiding communion and fellowship with God — what in Scripture is called "the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. Walking requires a progressive motion. But how does a Christian maintain such a walk with God? To begin with, believers maintain their walk with God by reading His Word.

Joyce Meyer - How Your Mind Affects Your Walk with God Sermon 2017

The psalmist tells us that God's Word was a "light unto his feet, and a lantern unto his paths" Ps The characteristic of a good man that "his delight is in the law of the Lord, and that he meditates on it day and night" Ps The word of God is "profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work" 2 Tim. If we ever think we are above our Bibles, we shall soon lie open to all manner of delusion, and be in great danger of making shipwreck of faith and a good conscience.

This the apostle calls the "sword of the Spirit" Eph Believers keep up their walk with God by private, personal prayer. The spirit of grace is always accompanied with the spirit of supplication. It is the very breath of the new creature, the fan of the divine life. By it, the spark of holy fire, kindled in the soul by God, is not only kept in, but raised into a flame. Neglect of private prayer has been frequently an inlet to many spiritual diseases, and has been attended with fatal consequences. Prayer brings and keeps God and man together — it raises man up to God, and brings God down to man.

Even when you are about the common business of life be much in extemporaneous prayer. Holy and frequent meditation is another blessed means of keeping up a believer's walk with God. Says Luther, "Prayer, reading, temptation, and meditation makes a minister. Meditation is to the soul what digestion is to the body. David found it so, and therefore he was frequently employed in meditation, even in the night season. Meditation is a kind of silent prayer, whereby the soul is frequently so to speak carried out of itself to God.

Through meditation, the soul is, to a degree beholds the face of our heavenly Father. None but those happy souls that have been accustomed to this divine practice can tell what a blessed promoter of the divine life meditation is.

Walking with God: A Journey through the Bible – Ascension

And while the believer is musing on the works and word of God, he frequently feels the fire of divine love kindle, so that he is obliged to speak with his tongue and tell of the loving kindness of the Lord to his soul. Be frequent therefore in meditation, all you who desire to maintain a close and uniform walk with the most high God.

Believers keep up their walk with God also by watching and noting His providential dealings with them. If we believe the Scriptures, we must believe what our Lord hath declared therein, "that the very hairs of his disciples' heads are numbered; and that a sparrow does not fall to the ground, without the knowledge of our heavenly Father" Mt Every cross has a call in it. And every particular dispensation of divine providence has some particular end to answer in those to whom it is sent.

Seek to know what God is saying to you. In order to walk closely with God, his children must not only watch the motions of God's providence around them, but they must also take note of the moving of His blessed Spirit within their hearts. They give up themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit, just as a little child gives its hand to be led by a nurse or parent.

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However, it is the quintessence of enthusiasm to pretend to be guided by the Spirit without the written Word — it is every Christian's bounden duty to be guided by the Spirit in conjunction with the written word of God. You must always test the suggestions or impressions that you may at any time feel, by the unerring rule of God's holy Word. And if they are not found to be agreeable to that, reject them as diabolical and delusive. Those who would maintain a holy walk with God must walk with him in His commandments as well as in His providences.

All rightly informed Christians will look upon commandments, not as beggarly elements, but as so many conduit-pipes by which the infinitely condescending Jehovah conveys his grace to their souls. They will look upon them as children's bread, and as their highest privileges. Finally, if you would walk with God, you will associate and keep company with others who walk with Him.

In his sight, they were the excellent ones of the earth. The early Christians kept up their vigor and first love by continuing in fellowship one with another. For how can one be warm alone? Did not the wisest of men say, "As iron sharpens iron, so does the countenance of a man sharpen his friend"? Prv So it is necessary for those who would walk with God to meet together when they can, in order to provoke one another to love and good works Heb God is looking for not only a clinging bride but also a walking partner.

From the very beginning, God had a relationship with Adam and Eve that found them "walking in the garden in the cool of the day" Gen God created man for the enjoyment of a walking relationship that involved companionship, dialogue, intimacy, joint decision-making, mutual delight, and shared dominion. God longs to walk with you, which is why His arms of grace have been pulling you into a closer walk with Him.

Jesus went on walks with his disciples, and He still likes to walk with us today. The goal we're after is an everyday walk of unbroken communion with our Lord and friend.

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Enoch was the first man in the Bible who walked with God Gen Even though men began to call upon the name of the Lord in the earliest of times Gen , Enoch was the first man to uncover the true delight of walking with God. He found something even Adam didn't experience. He pressed into God until he learned how to commune with God through every facet of life. By taking Enoch up to glory, God wasn't trying to get us impressed with Enoch's piety. God's point was this, "I love to walk with man! Enoch was the first man to truly walk with me, so I decided to highlight his example by doing something extraordinary with him.

I took him up to paradise to underscore how much I value and desire a daily walking relationship with My chosen ones. One can only wonder what glorious depths of intimacy Enoch uncovered. As you draw close to God, He will not likely take you up to heaven as He did Enoch. However, He does desire to reveal the beauty of His face to you. As we walk with Him, He will open the Scriptures to us through the Spirit of wisdom and revelation and reveal to us the light of the glory of God that is to be found in Him.

When we walk with God, we enter the dimension where God unfolds the secrets of his kingdom. These are the paths that the ancients trod before us. Noah knew the secret of walking with God Gen , as did Abraham Gen Through Christ, you can explore the glorious riches of knowing God like they did — by His indwelling Spirit. God wants to walk with us before He works through us. So He will wait to act until He finds the right man or woman through whom He can work. To put it bluntly, God works with His friends. When God has a friend, divine activity accelerates. When God has a useful vessel that has been prepared for noble purposes, He will use that vessel.

God will use the one who walks with Him. But He's looking especially for three crucial qualities; humility , faithfulness , and loyalty. He wants to work with friends who are loyal to Him, no matter what. Even when circumstances would suggest God is unjust, His true friends continue to walk with Him. So the Lord will test our fidelity. When we prove ourselves His friends through the greatest calamities of life, we qualify as useful vessels. The secret place is where we develop a walking relationship with God.

Our inner chamber with Him becomes our training ground for a life that is rooted and grounded in love. Jesus told us that He confides His kingdom purposes to his friends Jn Lord, I want to be your friend and hear Your heart, and participate in your activities in this hour. Teach me Lord to walk with you! Greenwood, Missouri: Oasis House, The Holy Spirit foreseeing this, hath taken care to inspire holy men of old, to record the examples of many holy men and women; who, even under the Old Testament dispensation, were enabled cheerfully to take Christ's yoke upon them, and counted his service perfect freedom.

The large catalogue of saints, confessors, and martyrs, drawn up in Hebrews 11, abundantly evidences the truth of this observation. What a great cloud of witnesses have we there presented to our view? All eminent for their faith, but some shining with a greater degree of luster than do others. The first martyr Abel leads the van, and next to him we find Enoch being mentioned — he is spoken of in the words of the text in a very extraordinary manner.

We have here a short but very full and glorious account, both of his behavior in this world, and the triumphant manner of his entry into the next. Who this Enoch was is not as clear — to me, he seems to have been a person of public character; I suppose, like Noah, a preacher of righteousness. And, if we may credit the apostle Jude, he was a flaming preacher. And I would observe, that it was the won- derful wisdom of God to translate both Enoch and Elijah under the Old Testament dispensation, that hereafter, when it should be asserted that the Lord Jesus was carried into heaven, it might not seem a thing altogether incredible to the Jews; since they themselves confessed that two of their own prophets had been translated several hundred hears before.

If so much as this can be truly said of you and me after our decease, we shall not have any reason to complain that we have lived in vain. In handling my intended subject, I shall FIRST, walking with God implies, that the prevailing power of the enmity of a person's heart be taken away by the blessed Spirit of God. Indeed, one may well wonder that any creature, especially that lovely creature man, made after his Maker's own image, should ever have any enmity, much less a prevailing enmity, against that very God in whom he lives, and moves, and hath his being.

But so it is. Our first parents contracted it when they fell from God by eating the forbidden fruit, and the bitter and malignant contagion of it hath descended to, and quite overspread, their whole posterity. This enmity discovered itself in Adam's endeavoring to hide himself in the trees of the garden. When he heard the voice of the Lord God, instead of running with an open heart, saying Here I am And this same enmity rules and prevails in every man that is naturally engendered of the offspring of Adam.

And all that open sin and wickedness, which like a deluge has overflowed the world, are only so many streams running from this dreadful contagious fountain; I mean an enmity of man's desperately wicked and deceitful heart. Before a person can be said to walk with God, the prevailing power of this heart-enmity must be destroyed: for persons do not walk together who entertain an irreconcilable enmity and hatred against each other. Permit me to say, the prevailing power of this enmity must be taken away; and it will never be totally removed, till we bow down our heads, and give up the ghost.

As the ninth article of our church affirms: some sensuality, some affectation, some desire of the flesh doth remain in us who are regenerated — its prevailing power is gradually destroyed in every soul that is truly born of God, and more and more weakened as the believer grows in grace, and the Spirit of God gains a greater and greater ascendancy in the heart.

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SECOND, walking with God not only implies, that the prevailing power of the enmity of a man's heart be taken away, but also that a person is actually reconciled to God the Father, in and through the all-sufficient righteousness and atonement of His dear Son. Amos Jesus is our peace as well as our peace-maker. When we are justified by faith in Christ, then we have peace with God — and only then are we able to walk with Him. Walking with a person is a sign that we are friends to that person; though we were at variance, yet now we are reconciled and friends again.

Walking seems to suppose a progressive motion — a person that walks, though he move slowly, yet he goes forward, and does not continue in one place.

Walking with God

And so it is with those that walk with God. When a soul is born of God, to all intents and purposes he is a child of God; and though he should live to the age of Methuselah, yet he would then be only a child of God after all. But in another sense, the divine life admits of decays and additions. Hence it is, that we find the people of God charged with backslidings and losing their first love.

And hence it is that we hear of babes, young men, and fathers in Christ. For want of observing this distinction, even some gracious souls, that have better hearts than heads, as well as men of corrupt minds, reprobates concerning the faith have unawares run into downright Antinomian principles, denying all growth of grace in a believer, or any marks of grace to be laid down in the scriptures of truth. The apostle Peter, in his second epistle, prefers it even to seeing Christ transfigured upon the mount.

Can Two Walk Together?

Till then we must see and converse with Him through the glass of His Word. We must make His testimonies our counselors, and daily, with Mary, sit at Jesus' feet, by faith hearing His Word. We shall then by happy experience find, that they are spirit and life, meat indeed and drink indeed, to our souls. It is the very breath of the new creature, the fan of the divine life, whereby the spark of holy fire, kindled in the soul by God, is not only kept in, but raised into a flame. A neglect of secret prayer has been frequently an inlet to many spiritual diseases, and has been attended with fatal consequences.

Prayer is one of the most noble parts of the believers' spiritual armor. It brings and keeps God and man together. It raises man up to God, and brings God down to man. And when you are about the common business of life, be much in prayer, sending short letters to heaven upon the wings of faith — they will reach the very heart of God, and return to you again loaded with spiritual blessings.

THIRD, holy and frequent meditation is another blessed means of keeping up a believer's walk with God. Meditation to the soul, is the same as digestion to the body. The psalmist David found it so, and therefore he was frequently employed in meditation, even in the night season. We read also of Isaac's going out into the fields to meditate in the evening; or, as it is in the margin, to pray. For meditation is a kind of silent prayer, whereby the soul is frequently as it were carried out of itself to God, and in a degree made like unto those blessed spirits, who by a kind of immediate intuition always behold the face of our heavenly Father.

None but those happy souls that have been accustomed to this divine employ, can tell what a blessed promoter of the divine life, meditation is. If believers, therefore, would keep up their walk with God, they must from time to time hear what the Lord has to say concerning them in the voice of His providence. FIFTH, in order to walk closely with God, His children must not only watch the motions of God's providence without them, but the motions also of His blessed Spirit in their hearts.

As many as are the sons of God, are led by the Spirit of God', and give up themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit, as a little child gives its hand to be led by a nurse or parent. It is no doubt in this sense that we are to be converted, and become like little children. And though it is the quintessence of enthusiasm, to pretend to be guided by the Spirit without the written word; yet it is every Christian's bounden duty to be guided by the Spirit in conjunction with the written word of God.

And all rightly informed Christians, will look upon ordinances, not as beggarly elements, but as so many conduit-pipes, whereby the infinitely condescending Jehovah conveys His grace to their souls. They were, in his sight, the excellent ones of the earth. And the primitive Christians, no doubt, kept up their vigor and first love, by continuing in fellowship one with another.

The apostle Paul knew this full well, and therefore exhorts the Christians to see to it, that they did not forsake the assembling of themselves together. And as one decays, the other has insensibly decayed and dwindled away at the same time. So necessary is it for those that would walk with God, and keep up the life of religion, to meet together as they have opportunity, in order to provoke one another to love and good works. This generally is a prevailing motive to persons of all ranks, to stir them up to any important undertaking. Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delighteth to honor.

But, alas, what is this honor in comparison of that which the meanest of those enjoy, that walk with God! And such honor have all God's saints.

Indeed, I have been listed under Jesus' banner only for a few years; but I have enjoyed more solid pleasure in one moment's communion with my god, than I should or could have enjoyed in the ways of sin, though I had continued to have gone on in them for thousands of years. And may I not appeal to all you that fear and walk with God, for the truth of this? Has not one day in the Lord's courts been better to you than a thousand? In keeping God's commandments, have you not found a present, and very great reward?

Has not his word been sweeter to you than the honey or the honeycomb? Oh what have you felt, when like Jacob, you have wrestled with your God? Has not Jesus often met you when meditating in the fields, and been made known to you over and over again in breaking of bread? Has not the Holy Spirit frequently shed the divine love abroad in your hearts abundantly, and filled you with joy unspeakable, even joy that is full of glory?

For, if walking with God, as you say, is such an honorable and pleasant thing, whence is it that the name of the people of this way is cast out as evil, and every where spoken against? How comes it to pass that they are frequently afflicted, tempted, destitute, and tormented? Is this the honor, this the pleasure, that you speak of? Stop a while; be not overly hasty. But by whom? By the enemies of the most high God. And do you think it is disgrace to be spoken evil of by them?

Blessed be God, we have not so learned Christ. He himself was thus treated. And can there be a greater honor put upon a creature, than to be conformed to the ever-blessed Son of God? Further, it is equally true that the people of this way are frequently afflicted, tempted, destitute, and tormented.

But what of all this? No, in no wise; for those that walk with God are enabled, through Christ strengthening them, to joy even in tribulation, and to rejoice when they fall into divers temptations. And I believe I may appeal to the experience of all true and close walkers with God, whether or not their suffering times have not frequently been their sweetest times, and that they enjoyed most of God when most cast out and despised by men? This we find was the case of Christ's primitive servants, when threatened by the Jewish Sanhedrin, and commanded to preach no more in the name of Jesus; they rejoiced that they were accounted worthy to suffer shame for the sake of Jesus.

Paul and Silas sang praises even in a dungeon; and the face of Stephen, that glorious martyr of the Christian church, shone like the face of an angel. And Jesus is the same now as He was then, and takes care so to sweeten sufferings and afflictions with His love, that His disciples find, by happy experience, that as afflictions abound, consolations do much more abound. And therefore these objections, instead of destroying, do only enforce the motives before urged, to excite you to walk with God.

THIRD, that there is a heaven at the end of this walk. He walked with God on earth, and God took him to sit down with him for ever in the kingdom of heaven. Not that we are to expect to be taken away as he was: no, I suppose we shall all die the common death of all men. But after death, the spirits of those who have walked with God shall return to God that gave them; and at the morn- ing of the resurrection, soul and body shall be for ever with the Lord; their bodies shall be fashioned like unto Christ's glorious body, and their souls filled with all the fullness of God.

They shall sit on thrones; they shall judge angels. They shall be enabled to sustain an exceeding and eternal weight of glory, even that glory which Jesus Christ enjoyed with the Father before the world began. When shall I come to appear in the presence of my God? A less sight than this, even the sight of Solomon's glory, made Sheba's queen astonished; and Daniel, when admitted to a distant view of this excellent glory, fell down at the feet of the angel as one dead.

And if a distant view of this glory be so excellent, what must the actual possession of it be? If the first fruits are so glorious, how infinitely must the harvest exceed in glory?

The Secret of Walking with God

And now, what shall I, or, indeed, what can I well say more to excite you, even you that are yet strangers to Christ, to come and walk with God? If you love honor, pleasure, and a crown of glory, come, seek it where alone it can be found. Come, put ye on the Lord Jesus. Come, haste ye away and walk with God, and make no longer provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lust thereof.

Stop, stop, O sinner! Turn ye, turn ye, O ye unconverted men, for the end of that way you are now walking in, however right it may seem in your blinded eyes, will be death, even eternal destruction both of body and soul. At your peril I charge you, step not one step further on in your present walk. For how knowest thou, O man, but the next step thou takest may be into hell? Death may seize thee, judgment find thee, and then the great gulf will be fixed between thee and endless glory for ever and ever.

O think of these things, all ye that are unwilling to walk with God. Lay them to heart. Farewell, lust of the eye, and pride of life! Farewell, carnal acquaintance and enemies of the cross, I will no more walk and be intimate with you! Oh that there may be in you such a mind! God will set His almighty fiat to it, and seal it with the broad seal of heaven, even the signet of his Holy Spirit. Yes, He will, though you have been walking with, and following after the devices and desires of your desperately wicked hearts ever since you have been born.

But the text leads me to speak to you that are saints as well as to you that are open and unconverted sinners. I need not tell you, that walking with God is not honorable, but pleasant and profitable also; for ye know it by happy experience, and will find it more and more so every day. Only give me leave to stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance, and to beseech you by the mercies of God in Christ Jesus, to take heed to yourselves, and walk closer with your God than you have in days past: for the nearer you walk with God, the more you will enjoy of Him whose presence is life, and be the better prepared for being placed at His right hand, where are pleasures for evermore.

Oh do not follow Jesus afar off! Oh be not so formal, so dead and stupid in your attendance on holy ordinances! Do not so shamefully forsake the assembling yourselves together, or be so indifferent to the things of God. One word to my brethren in the ministry that are here present, and I have done. You see, my brethren, my heart is full; I could almost say it is too big to speak, and yet too big to be silent, without dropping a word to you.

For does not the text speak in a particular manner to those who have the honor of being styled the ambassadors of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God. I observed at the beginning of this discourse, that Enoch in all probability was a public person, and a flaming preacher. Though he be dead, does he not yet speak to us, to quicken our zeal, and make us more active in the service of our glorious and ever-blessed Master?

How did Enoch preach! How did Enoch walk with God, though he lived in a wicked and adulterous generation! Let us then follow him, as he followed Jesus Christ, and ere long, where he is there shall we be also. He is not entered into his rest: yet a little while and we shall enter into ours, and that too much sooner than he did. He sojourned here below three hundred years; but blessed be God, the days of man are now shortened, and in a few days our walk will be over.

The Judge is before the door: He that cometh will come, and will not tarry: His reward is with Him. And we shall all if we are zealous for the Lord of hosts ere long shine as the stars in the firmament, in the kingdom of our heavenly Father, for ever and ever. To Him, the blessed Jesus, and eternal Spirit, be all honor and glory, now, and to all eternity. Amen, and Amen. Griffin In the following sermon preached by Dr.