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Zara Sarah Paulson , who professes to believe that capturing the animal will help protect him. The film promises that the real places are even more magical than they appear in such mementos, though the sense of wonder conveyed by its images have less to do with the majesty of nature than they do with the mystic power of the commodity fetish. First Love reveals itself to be an elegant and haunting Takashi Miike film in throwaway clothing. First Love is a one-thing-after-another, night-in-the-life crime comedy that gradually becomes ineffably serious and haunting.

And this urgency grows as the yakuza carnage continues, its senseless endlessness becoming less absurd than tragic. Kase and the yakuza and the Chinese gangsters may be chasing the booty, but the latter is an excuse for frustrated people to do what they wanted to do anyway: kill one another. First Love climaxes in a department store with two men, one Japanese, one Chinese, beating and cutting each other senseless, which Miike allows to unfold at brutal length, effectively suggesting that all these genre mechanics, all the romantic window dressing, come down to this: the bloodlust shared by characters and audience alike.

W hen we last saw battle-scarred Vietnam veteran John Rambo Sylvester Stallone , he was walking toward the dusty homestead of the father, and the metaphorical American fatherland, that he left behind several decades prior. It was completely offensive and totally awesome—as long as you could key in to the undercurrent of virile camp. Give credit to Rambo: Last Blood , capably helmed by Adrian Grunberg, for tapping that gleefully repellent vein one apparently final time. Time, then, for John Rambo to go all Taken on these mofos. That he does, though you may be surprised to learn that the kidnapping plot is resolved by the halfway point, after which Last Blood becomes a hilariously gore-splattered variant on Home Alone , with Rambo using all of his survivalist skills to exact revenge on the brothers and their innumerable disposable henchmen.

The Looney Tunes nature of the murder spree tempers much of the ideological offense of the screenplay, though the Rambo films have always been incoherent texts—propagandistically gung-ho in some moments, peculiarly upstart and rebellious in others. Boundaries mean nothing to Rambo; after this scene, he shuttles between the U. The latter seems more likely, in no small part because of how often Rambo has been co-opted by hawkish powers-that-be. This is followed by a scene set on a sun-dappled country porch that draws equally on the multifaceted mytho-poeticism of John Ford and the jingoistic stupidity of John Wayne circa The Green Berets.

In each case, the supposed science of the issue at hand is often short-circuited by impatience. This is one of them. Balancing humanist optimism with a profoundly downcast view of our collective destiny, the film is inextricably of its moment. Identified as one of the few astronauts physically fit and emotionally stable enough to execute such a tremendous undertaking, Roy—fixed in his belief that his father is long gone and uninterested in dredging up painful old memories without good reason—accepts his duty ambivalently.

Balancing this humanist optimism with a profoundly downcast view of our collective destiny, Ad Astra is a film inextricably of its moment. Difficult, indeed. The woman born Frances Ethel Gumm in is damn near inimitable. Of course, it takes some time for the single point of admittedly meta interest to emerge: A prologue and several subsequent flashbacks set during her prolific MGM years situate the young Garland Darci Shaw as both a wide-eyed innocent in Edenic Tinseltown and, via several sinister interactions with imposing studio head Louis B.

Mayer Richard Cordery , a sacrificial forbear of the MeToo era. Yet none of these scenes jibe with the mawkish main narrative in which Zellweger, leaning hard into tic-laden mimicry, plays the broke and barbiturate-addicted year-old Garland. This is acting that seems contrived to impress and to garner cheap sympathy even when the character is at her most difficult. In the early going, Garland has a belligerent blow-up with her ex-husband and manager, Sid Luft Rufus Sewell , over the well-being of their two children, as well as a swooning first meeting with eventual fifth husband, Mickey Deans Finn Wittrock , a musician and entrepreneur whose big-picture promises are mostly hollow.

Money, however, proves the biggest issue. So, with financial security nonexistent, and the custody of her kids at stake, Garland accepts an offer to do a headlining season at the Talk of Town nightclub in London. Then, when Garland finally takes the stage, a film going through all the expected motions suddenly becomes a shade more intriguing. And certainly not in the extended scene in which Garland goes home with a fannish gay couple Andy Nyman and Daniel Cerqueira for some teary talk, amid copious Judy memorabilia, about homosexual persecution.

The latter sequence is particularly egregious, a feint toward pop-cultural-cum-sociopolitical significance that plays like the ultimate in blinkered wish fulfillment. And depending on who you ask, Netflix is either the hero or villain in that struggle. It remains to be seen if The Irishman will be that film. Ed Gonzalez. For a complete schedule of films, screening times, and ticket information, visit Film at Lincoln Center. Christopher Gray. The citizens live in a relatively undisturbed harmony—until Bacuaru is literally wiped off the map GPS no longer can locate the backwater , local cell service is jammed, and the people find themselves hunted, A Dangerous Game -style, by gringo infiltrators.

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Sam C. Iya Viktoria Miroshnichenko , a nurse working at a Leningrad hospital after the end of World War II, feels trapped in trauma, suffering from recurring fits of full-body catatonia. The filmmaker may depict the pain of his characters in blunt terms, but he traces the aftershocks of collapse with delicate subtlety. Jake Cole. Were it a piece of writing it would exist at the crossroads of an essay, a reportage, and a series of haikus singing the praises and the plights of a threatened ecosystem.

Given the rich simplicity of the scenario, Laxe recognizes that even the smallest amount of traditional plot would feel excessive. Diego Semerene. Instead, the film is attached, to a consciously insular degree, to a nurse, Ichiko Mariko Tsutsui , whose life is ruined peripherally by the kidnapping due to one peculiarly bad choice on her part. As austere as Harmonium could be, the characters were in their way dynamic and made sense. Chuck Bowen. Carson Lund.

LGBT 101: An introduction to the Queer community

EngenderHealth By strengthening family planning and sexual-health programs around the world, the organization hopes to improve the lives of parents and the health of their children and curb the spread of HIV. Michael J. Acadia Center Its multidimensional approach — legal strategy, public advocacy, and consumer education — is designed to generate practical methods for universalizing the use of sustainable-energy sources. American Rivers Since , the Washington, D.

It has successfully blocked efforts to drain toxic materials into waterways and cleared more than 1, tons of trash from rivers around the country. Center for Biological Diversity In the belief that a wide array of species is intrinsically valuable to the planet — and humankind — the center works to preserve the natural habitats necessary for the survival of several threatened species, and pressures government agencies in charge of those lands to keep these creatures on the agenda.

Earthjustice Founded in during a long legal battle to spare a tract of Sierra Nevada land from becoming a Disney ski resort, the organization continues to use the law to fight climate change and preserve natural places. Earthworks A vocal opponent of landscape-obliterating — and health-compromising — gold mining, oil drilling, and fracking, Earthworks protects communities and the environment from the toxic effects of mineral and energy development. The Honeybee Conservancy If Colony Collapse Disorder continues unabated, further imperiling the global bee population, we risk the loss of such delights as strawberries, apples, oranges, almonds, peaches, and cucumbers.

Download e-book Queer Animal Shorts (Queer Works Book )

Sponsoring a hive can help bulk up bee numbers, offering hope for a specieswide resurgence. National Audubon Society The needless death of thousands of American birds can be prevented if oil companies cover their oil pits to prevent birds from landing on them , builders use bird-safe window and building materials, and the U. Natural Resources Defense Council The fund-raising giant, one of the most effective environmental nonprofits in existence, throws its considerable resources toward protecting ours, in addition to fighting global warming, advocating for wildlife protection, and combating nuclear proliferation.

The Advocates for Human Rights A wide-ranging organization that raises awareness of and addresses an array of issues, including sex trafficking both abroad and on U. Muste Memorial Institute The pacifist organization Muste was an advocate of nonviolent resistance, and a leader in the labor, civil-rights, and antiwar movements aims to expose war profiteering, stem nuclear proliferation, abolish the death penalty, and promote racial and sexual equality worldwide.

American Civil Liberties Union The nearly century-old organization vehemently safeguards free speech, civil liberties, and tolerance, with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — and the privileges they guarantee — serving as its holy texts. Serving people in 11 countries — including Sudan and Pakistan — the organization provides essentials such as health care and water as well as long-term services such as agricultural support and psychosocial counseling.

Amnesty International With its time-tested approach and infrastructure, the charity advocates for people in the direst of circumstances worldwide, including refugees and asylum seekers; victims of human-rights violations like rape and torture during armed conflict; those awaiting execution; those punished for dissent; and those who lack the most basic of human rights, such as food and water.

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund The fund empowers Asian-Americans at risk of exploitation such as recent immigrants or non-English speakers and apprises them of their legal rights. This organization fights that system by addressing the poverty that allows it to continue, working closely with local Haitian leaders. Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence Those much-discussed mandatory background checks meant to prevent the easy sale of a firearm?

Those were the brainchild of this foundation, which hopes to reduce the number of American gun deaths — currently, it stands at more than 32, each year. Using creative legal strategies, it has undertaken precedent-setting litigation to address these issues and more.

Televising Queer Women: A Reader

Government Accountability Project The preeminent truth-teller-protection organization has defended more than 6, whistle-blowers to date; their revelations have concerned everything from public health to corporate accountability. Innocence Project In the roughly 23 years since its founding in , this group of lawyers has used DNA evidence to free more than wrongfully convicted prisoners — many of whom had been sentenced to death — across the U. Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund The organization has won landmark legal battles protecting the rights of Latinos, opposing racist redistricting laws designed to disenfranchise Mexican-American voters, and litigating on behalf of those victimized by border police, overreaching laws against day laborers, and discrimination.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Following the shooting death of a teacher in Prospect Park, a group of Brooklyn mothers founded this organization in The statewide advocacy group, which informs the public about gun violence, also works to preserve and bolster the NY SAFE Act, enacted in after Newtown. Southern Poverty Law Center With its double mission of tracking hate groups and teaching tolerance, SPLC has monitored and reported on the actions of the KKK and neo-Nazi movements, among others, for decades, while providing incisive tools to help teachers encourage racial and gender equality among students.

Oxfam America The U. By focusing, as the organization does, on addressing hunger; lack of water; limited access to work; political corruption; and climate change, which will disproportionately hurt the poorest communities. Stranger Things. The Nightmare Before Christmas. IT Marvel. At The Disco. Hoodies and Sweatshirts. Jewelry Bags And Wallets Vinyl. Alternative Rock.

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