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In October, the Queensland government introduced a human rights act, becoming the third jurisdiction in Australia to do so behind the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. At time of writing, refugees and asylum seekers remained in Papua New Guinea and around on Nauru. Many refugees and asylum seekers suffer from poor mental health or mental illness due to, or exacerbated by, years of detention and uncertainty about their futures. Self-harm and suicide attempts are frequent. At least 12 refugees and asylum seekers have died on Manus Island and Nauru since Two refugees with mental health conditions reportedly committed suicide on Manus and Nauru in Civil society and medical professionals coordinated a successful campaign in to draw attention to the plight of refugee children in Nauru and the need to evacuate them.

At time of writing, the government, reacting to the change in popular opinion, had relocated more than children from Nauru to Australia between August and November. But most cases required legal intervention. Australian courts have ordered the government to transfer more than 90 refugees and asylum seekers in poor health from Nauru and Manus to receive medical treatment in Australia.

More than other refugees and asylum seekers have been transferred only after lawyers threatened urgent court proceedings. These cases include children as young as 10 who suffer from acute mental health conditions, some of whom have attempted suicide. Progress under the resettlement deal to send some refugees to the United States has been slow, with less than sent to the US at time of writing.

Nauru earns ‘worst’ Pacific black mark as world media freedom declines | Asia Pacific Report

Indigenous Australians are significantly overrepresented in the criminal justice system, often for minor offenses like unpaid fines. In March, the Australian Law Reform Commission recommended that the government develop national criminal justice targets to reduce incarceration rates of indigenous people, and abolish discriminatory laws like mandatory sentencing and end the practice of imprisonment for unpaid fines—which disproportionately impacts indigenous women.

In August, the Guardian reported that more than Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people had died in custody since a royal commission was established to look into the issue. Australian states and territories set the age of criminal responsibility at years-old. Across Australia, around children under the age of 14 are imprisoned each year, mostly Indigenous. In June, Australia enacted new espionage and foreign interference legislation, increasing penalties for unauthorized disclosure of information without providing a strong public-interest defense across all offenses and defining national security in overly broad terms.

Information about the trial is likely to be suppressed, despite strong public interest in knowing the reasons for prosecuting two people who exposed wrongdoing by the Australian government in Timor Leste. The proposed law lacks adequate safeguards against abuse. The bill had yet to pass into law at time of writing. In September, the government introduced legislation that would undermine strong encryption and cybersecurity, allowing law enforcement and security agencies to order technology companies and even individuals to facilitate access to encrypted data and devices.

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How Nauru threw it all away?? Considering it was Australia who has benefited from phosphate mining and continues to manipulate the island's role in refugee processing, we should really be looking to WHO actually threw it away. My thought exactly, Mally. I understand that journos who write an article don't typically write the headline or title, but to be frank I don't understand why disingenuous headlines such as this one are tolerated.

Still, misleading clickbait title aside, this is a good piece albeit shallow. Surely there must be much, much more to the situation in Nauru? The stories recently told seem to me to call loudly for some heavyweight investigative follow up. Come on Aunty, stump up the eight grand for a journalist visa Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have a bit of a conspiracy theory about this Yeah I know, conspiracy theories are bad, but I'm just having a bit of a speculation here. Why was Nauru picked for the pacific solution? One possibility is that if there is one country that is most likely to have be abandoned and resettled , its Nauru.

And since an Australian company is responsible for the destruction of Naurus landscape, it only makes sense that they be relocated to Australia. This is the moral and fair solution. But the government is going "Hang on, with climate change looming, Nauru won't be the last country to need to be abandoned either", so the government decided to send a message to Nauru;- "This is what we do to refugees.

When religious freedom becomes state-sponsored bigotry

Think twice before coming to australia". Its all a bit evil when you think about it. People should never be used merely as a means to an end, but Naurus people are just pawns in a much nastier, bigger picture. I agree with the comment about Australia and others having thrown it all away. Thuis is a small example of hat could happen to Australia if it becomes too dependent on its mining resources, and allows other resources to wither away.

We can see signs of that with the degradation of manufacturing and the potential deggradation of tourism and the services industry. Once our own minerals are exhausted or are no longer valuable, we risk a similar situation. Then someone will write an article "How Australia threw it all away", and someone will suggest that perhaps China threw it all away for us. Are we supposed to feel sad for them. They were one of the richest countries. Did they spend their money helping other countries at that time? Did they support refugees by themselves when they were rich?

I think not. Now they attempt to blackmail Australia by charging us through the roof for housing a few hundred refugees. Sorry I don't fall for your propaganda. I seems to me this is all about blaming the white guy for everything you can. I am in agreement to those who wrote about the positive and understanding where the blame should be pointed out.

Just look what is happening to our planet, and the many people who are dying every day. I think there's some parallels and lessons for Australia. At least after the multinational corporations suck all the minerals out of this country too, we'll always have farming and grazing to fall back on Well, a diminished ability to farm and graze due to increased climate change.

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  • As a Nauruan, i couldn't believe it myself that this happened to my home island. I've stayed in Fiji since i was seven years old and only visited Nauru during holidays. I know that Nauru has Financial Crisis due to government corruption. My friends and i always debate among ourselves in school for how to my make Nauru better again.

    As much memory i can memory, Nauru was so beautiful and now that i am twenty years old.. I just couldn't believe my eyes on the condition of Nauru. It looks so crowded! With the refugees all over the places as well ass expats. Anyways, the first President of Nauru - Hammer DeRobert RIP , he was a great man and he knew that Nauru will eventually not depend on phosphate so he made investments but unfortunately That is what i am ashamed of The government! Now is what i am hoping for the new President Hon.

    Baron Waqa to bring back our home. What a very sad story, once again governments etc taking advantage of the owners of Nauru people. I think it is a great idea for people of Nauru to get skills from Australia and use the skills to develop Nauru. Hopefully the people of Nauru are getting paid enough for having the refugees there. Also are they wanted there. Stand up for yourseleves people of Nauru, don't let anybody pay you for your land It is yours. This is the way of the world, govt. So then what exactly was the fuss about in when Jacques Chirac announced the resumption of 2 last nuclear tests at Mururoa?

    The attol is Km from Australia and km from New Zeaand. It has always been as far I know uninhabited, is km from the first major french city Tahiti, itself inhabited by indigeneous as well as white bread french citizens.

    India criticises USA for biased report against Modi Government on Religious freedom - IR #UPSC #IAS

    I would like to remind everyone that this decision by the french government resulted in a torrent of abuse, insult, occasionally violence and humiliation for thousand of innocent french people living in Australia. French kids in schools were subjected to abuse and some french businesses have had their windows smashed and operations boycotted even though their owners had made clear that there were agaisnt the decision and all forms of nuclear weapons all together!

    I remember the excuse for this irrational, national behaviour was the so called "natural" almost divine duty that australian people have to protect the underdog and the little people of hte South Pacific! What a joke! Can we talk here about typical anglo-saxon arrogance, institutionalised hypocrisie and almost systematic, usual french bashing attitude. Sunday 12pm Repeated: Wednesday 1. Presented by Annabelle Quince and Keri Phillips. Image: The square-kilometers of land encompassing Nauru has been devastated by phosphate mining which once made the Micronesian Nauruans the second wealthiest people per capita on earth.

    Image: Squalid housing in the bankrupt island state of Nauru, the world's smallest republic.

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    Nauru Download Sunday 2 March More This [series episode segment] has image, and transcript. Facebook Twitter Delicious Reddit Digg what are these? Comments 21 Add your comment keyboard warrior : 12 Mar pm What a total shame as to what has happened to Nauru. Reply Alert moderator Lenya : 16 Mar am The shame is on Australia, New Zealand and Britain who jointly established the British Phosphate Company and exploited the Nauruans by mining and exporting millions of tons of phosphate to their countries without as much as consulting the Nauruan owners. Reply Alert moderator blue : 28 Sep pm How about a piece on " How Nauru was raped robbed and dumped by predator capitalists and its people vilified by ongoing actions of corrupt corporations and government?

    Reply Alert moderator Papa O'Malley : 12 Mar pm Surely the elephant in this report is the viability of Nauru as an independent state. Reply Alert moderator Phil : 13 Mar am Yes, and even Brunei has a population dramatically larger, with around , Reply Alert moderator Shayne O : 16 Mar pm I have a bit of a conspiracy theory about this Yeah I know, conspiracy theories are bad, but I'm just having a bit of a speculation here. Reply Alert moderator Laurence Archer : 13 Mar pm I agree with the comment about Australia and others having thrown it all away.

    Reply Alert moderator Ben : 13 Mar pm Are we supposed to feel sad for them. Reply Alert moderator Reverend Roger Mwareow : 13 Jun am I am in agreement to those who wrote about the positive and understanding where the blame should be pointed out. Reply Alert moderator sarah : 07 Nov pm So..

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    Reply Alert moderator NauruBorn : 12 Jan pm As a Nauruan, i couldn't believe it myself that this happened to my home island.