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His storytelling structure gives founders, entrepreneurs, and marketers a new approach for crafting and scripting your 3 main stories to share in the right room, to the right people, at the right time. In , entrepreneurs are a professional brand and you need to manage you and your business that way. Participants will learn:. Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U. Small Business Administration. Funding is not an endorsement of any product, opinion, or service. All Federal and State funded programs are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis.

Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. People often think of branding as just a logo, business cards, and their website. But a brand is so much more than that. By personifying your brand and determining your unique selling point, vision, core values, and your target customers, you will find innovative ways to connect with your customers. Whether you're a business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, or simply have a side hustle, you'll walk away with clarity on how to develop a brand that attracts.

Hear how successful companies have built their brands and use the frameworks within the workshop to create your own brand strategy on the day. Whether you are transforming your existing business, just starting out, or wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of branding, in this workshop you will learn:.

Please come to the workshop with a laptop and notepad and pen. Students will gain the most from this workshop if they have a clear idea of their vision for their future, and a basic understanding of their market and ideal customer, however, all students will takeaway an understanding of the frameworks and how they can be applied when developing a brand strategy. Do you know what your calling is? Have you connected the dots from your past to create your future?

You are a brilliant powerful co-creator of your life. In this workshop, you will create a blueprint from mapping your past to co-create your future. Do you know what your mission is? Do you need guidance getting and staying on the yellow brick road to Emerald City? You must know that it is all about the journey and not about the destination. Shirin is a social impact entrepreneur and coach that will guide and assist you in finding your way as she has been in your shoes.

You will walk away with an initial blueprint of your life purpose. It could be a tech startup, a book, a very clear message from the universe. In this workshop, we'll be going over common types of business structures e. Perfect for any new startup founder or business owner who is just getting started. We'll also go over various resources where you can get help forming your business.

Contact JoLynn Pineda Brock at jbrock lachamber. Effectively communicating the value of your product or service is essential to your business success. Learn how to attract and retain your customer base through creative branding, channel marketing, and smart promotion. Erin has spent nearly two decades in the marketing field with a majority of that time working in the digital media and advertising industries. Previously, she held high-level marketing positions at Move.

A virtual L. She speaks English, Russian, some French and a bit of Polish. From link building to researching relevant keywords for your website, there are so many aspects in the world of SEO. SEO is quite complex but all it takes is understanding the basics in order to generate more website traffic, ROI, and maintain a consistent marketing growth machine for your business. Area Chamber as we discuss the state of cybersecurity. All businesses want to minimize their tax burden. Gaining the knowledge to do so can be challenging.

In this class, learn fundamentals of legal and business considerations in choice of entity for your business. Michelson : Louis E. Michelson received his B. Degree, with general honors from the University of Chicago, his M. He has lectured for business and professional organizations and written articles on various federal and California tax topics.

Getting the most out of your sales efforts is an undervalued aspect of running a business. In this class, learn how to develop an effective strategy for reaching your sales goals. Area Chamber as we discuss the impacts of immigration reform on tech. Within the next five years, Eric co-founded product company California Crowd Control, which designed and engineered an innovative crowd control device, and an engineering service company called CG3D, which provided various design services to the themed-entertainment industry.

Thereafter, Eric shifted to law, where he now focuses on intellectual property. Eric has significant experience in counseling early-stage companies on all matters relating to patents, trademarks, licensing, joint development, intellectual property strategy and litigation. His previous clients include numerous Fortune clients and his work experience involves technology related to a wide variety of mechanical, software, and electronic arts. In addition to his legal work, Eric is a community activist and elected member of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council where he represents the interests of the diverse residents of the Historic Core.

Gustafson advised clients on real estate and mixed use development matters and has represented borrowers and lenders in commercial real estate finance transactions, general corporate transactions, entity formation, and real estate and business due diligence. In addition to his work as a business and real estate attorney, Mr. Gustafson is a securities and general business litigator representing clients in mediation and arbitration, regulatory proceedings, and in state and Federal courts. Gustafson is admitted to practice in the California and Colorado Bars, and in all federal courts in both states.

He is a graduate of Western Michigan University B. Online marketing is hard to understand and even more complicated to implement. Technologies keep advancing. Advertising options continue to expand. We definitely work in an ever-evolving industry. Join Will Scott, CEO of Search Influence and Paula Keller French, Director of Sales and Marketing at Search Influence as they walk you through 5 proven ways to leverage the most popular social media platforms to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and deliver qualified leads. Maximize your advertising budget by leveraging targeting options and industry best practices.

Bring a laptop computer with PowerPoint for this hands-on workshop on why you need a business plan, what it does, and construct the essential components for putting one together. What you do after you create those connections is just as important as making them in the first place. In this webinar, Lissa Duty of Rocks Digital will talk about the keys for effectively creating top of mind awareness on one of the most important professional networking platforms — LinkedIn.

In this webinar, Robert Ravensbergen of Agendize will teach you how to use tools that engage customers and create the real interactions like calls, chats, appointments and more to drive your business' growth. This month, three great minds will share the future of bots, artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces. Learn how bots are changing everything about our interactions with products and businesses. This month, you'll learn from two healthy-living style startups that are killing the game.

Need we say more? Add to my Google calendar. Add to my Outlook calendar. This session focuses on how to finance and fund your startup. We will center on strategic planning, financial analysis, cash management, funding alternatives, investor pitching, alternative financing, and exit strategies. We will also examine the various options that a company has for financing at all stages of its life-cycle — from seed stage to later stage. The business model is the engine that drives startup success. This session explores business model design and validation, while exploring ways to test the business model without spending unnecessary time, money, and other resources.

You will learn how to develop business models that encompass the product or service, customers, and the economic engine that will deliver on venture objectives. This session clarifies key marketing concepts, methods, and strategic issues relevant for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs. Provides an orientation to key marketing concepts critical to marketing technology-based products and services.

You will learn how to identify market opportunities, understand customer preferences, evaluate market acceptance, and devise the appropriate going-to-market strategies. This session teaches students to transition from creative, innovative, design thinking methods to prototyping and concept testing their products and services.

Emphasis is placed on an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to engineering design, concurrent engineering, design for manufacturing, industrial design, and the business of new product development. Is your business a product in search of a customer? Marketing research can give a business a picture of what kinds of new products and services may bring a profit. This session will teach you have to conduct proper research that can save you countless hours of work and possibly money! This is the one of the largest volunteer opportunities of the year for tech companies seeking opportunities to give back!

Come showcase your company at the L. Time commitments range from 1 - 3 hours. This session focuses on the generation, testing, evaluation, and refinement of ideas. Innovation processes that focus on idea development, idea selection, and commercialization of ideas will also be examined. You will learn methods to boost creative problem-solving skills. Rediscover personal thinking preferences, identify and eliminate mental blocks, and enhance communication and teaming skills. Unlock creative potential and explore win-win approaches to problem solving.

Consumers are finding the products and services they need in real-time on the web, so learn how to apply traditional marketing principles with a digital marketing approach. This session introduces students to the concept of entrepreneurship. Students acquire knowledge of the nature and scope of entrepreneurship and the impact of entrepreneurship on market economies.

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We examine and help students prepare for and develop the personal traits and behaviors fundamental to becoming a successful entrepreneur, and they are exposed to the first steps of the entrepreneurial process. Shadow education administration and teachers for one morning to gain insights on successes achieved and challenges faced in schools , and interact with students who aspire to enter your industry. Time commitments are minimum 2 hours, at school sites located throughout L. SeePolitical presents California's first statewide ballot measure convention.

Hear both sponsors and opponents debate each statewide ballot measure at Los Angeles City Hall. Consumers use Yelp to find you, and with 92 million monthly visitors via mobile and another 73 million unique visitors to the desktop site it can be a powerful tool to help grow your businesses. Yelp's Manager of Local Business Outreach will talk about the free tools Yelp offers business owners, mangers and marketers to manage your online reputation, and discuss ways to use these tools to build relationships with potential customers and grow a robust business. Specific topics will include:.

Area Chamber as we discuss the future of autonomous vehicles in Los Angeles. Entrepreneurs will learn from other experienced entrepreneurs and investors, who will share their lessons about overcoming failure and odds, mistakes, spotting opportunities and thinking out of the box. This includes assistance for the registration table, event ushering and other various tasks. Volunteers are welcome to stay and enjoy the festivities once their shift is complete.

Bots have become the latest paradigm for content distribution and e-commerce on messaging platforms. Some say that bots are the new apps. The purpose of this two-day Botathon -- a hackathon for building bots -- is to educate, inspire collaboration and team building, and to develop innovative use cases within a conversational interface. Cleantech has a new home This all-day event is open to the public. Local businesses can get percent off their sales during the holiday season. Join GoDaddy executives and small business super-fans Christopher Carfi and Shawn Pfunder for this webinar that will teach you how to use content to generate interest, drive sales and build customer relationships between now and the end of the year.

What you'll learn:. TechDay is an expo for tech startups that helps them gain exposure to press, investors, early adopters and talent. Billed as the "hyper-growth expo for startups", this event will feature more than startup demo booths showcasing their products and services. Stephen L. Kane has legal and business experience ranging from corporate to small business to startup. Kevin Lew is the director of Bixel Exchange, the L. What does it take to be an entrepreneur? It's not money. It's not timing. It's not who you know. And it's definitely not eating ramen.

Cam will also provide some tangible takeaways for building a startup while powerfully building yourself -- you are the ultimate product.

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Located in the building entrance is on 6th. Limited metered parking is also available along nearby streets, but as always, we encourage you to Lyft or Uber here. Today, she's a single mom to twin boys, an expert speaker with the U. State Department in a program that's designed to inspire entrepreneurship in young women, and a three-time company founder that just launched her third venture to help fulfill her vision. CoAccel: The Human Accelerator, brings the concept of startup accelerators to a new level, directing energy and focus around the most important piece of the puzzle: the human.

This is a great way to get prepared for the Botathon coming up on September th in Santa Monica. It allows groups and individuals to schedule a speaker by working with SpeakerBot. In this session, you will learn the major pieces of the Microsoft bot framework, from conversations and flows, to LUIS, connectors and channels, to many of the parts in between.

Before joining Microsoft, Daniel held a variety of positions in the information technology and engineering fields.

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Net association. Currently Daniel is playing with all things open source and taking a journey through Node. She is the founder and managing director of Square Root Financial , a financial services firm that provides CFO, accounting and bookkeeping services to early-stage and other high-growth technology companies. Previously, Mackenzie was V. Mackenzie has a B. Email marketing may not seem sexy, but it works. Existing customers drive most of your revenue and email is one of the most cost effective ways to bring them back.

This webinar will show you how to create effective email content, write subject lines that generate opens and improve overall email performance. Several proposals have come forward concerning the regulation of testing and implementation of autonomous vehicles in Los Angeles. Because of the nature of transportation in Los Angeles, this technology poses significant opportunity for growth and development in the area.

What are some of the policy issues facing Los Angeles in the regulation and implementation of this technology? How far are we from being able to purchase these vehicles? What is the potential impact of this technology in Los Angeles? This meeting will address the policy issues surrounding the introduction of autonomous vehicles in the Los Angeles area, and the potential impact of these vehicles on business and innovation in the area.

The Council aims to promote policies that will strengthen these industries, elevate their global reach, drive job creation and regional economic prosperity. Launched in , Lyft now operates in over markets nationwide. Timothy manages government relations and public policy as part of the Western States Policy team, and is responsible for crafting legislative and regulatory solutions for Lyft.

He prosecuted over 30 jury trials to verdict as lead prosecutor, with convictions for first degree murder, and the attempted murder of a peace officer. He also served on the District Attorney's Legislative Committee, making policy recommendations on pending legislation in California regarding law enforcement and criminal justice issues. Timothy earned his B.

Mark Kapczynski is a successful serial entrepreneur, chief executive and advertising industry expert. Domain Startup Summit was established to unite the startup, domain branding and investment industries. This unified event platform will provide up-to-date industry information and partnerships that allow entrepreneurs to brand, develop and launch successful businesses. Highlighted sessions include:. Use promo code: bixel. It knows what we do. Despite the hype surrounding big data and where it's stored, data scientists know that the size of your data doesn't matter.

It's all about what you do with it. This workshop represents the first step towards improving your data literacy and seeing through the hype and buzzwords. Data Science is a core essential for modern businesses yet not all companies or products know what is needed to add a data discipline that will help drive their vision. The Data Scientists at Pivotal Labs help to demystify data science in a workshop covering these topics.

The goal of this workshop is to give you a taste of data science in the context of your business and company. In addition to defining what it actually is, the main tools in the data scientist's toolbox will be introduced through examples and case studies.

California has a designated Career Technical Education pathways program available to students from middle school through community college to aid in their pursuit of careers in technology. So, is it working? What are some of its successes? And what are some of the barriers that still exist to diversifying the industry? As a former California legislator and Senate leader, Steinberg championed economic development, education reform, building sustainable communities and major investments in healthcare and education. Co-founder and CEO of Sensay. Previously head of technology for ideation company Phenomenon.

Built search engines, mobile and social apps, adtech, ecommerce platforms. Heads the Los Angeles Studio of Imperson. Todd has been building bots since on IRC and has a serious passion for great storytelling. Cultivating talent in science, technology, engineering and math STEM fields across our region is key to continued economic growth and competitiveness. We strive to share with our community events that we feel would be of great benefit, and w e apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Come to Startup Summit , be inspired, see the newest trends and discover how to thrive as an entrepreneur. Giving your business startup a great foundation is what this event is all about. Take advantage of our super saver registration rates and secure your seat early. Join Los Angeles area business leaders and public officials on the L.

Area Chamber's annual advocacy trip to our state capital. You'll meet with key legislators and high-ranking officials to advocate on issues important to you and L. Come connect with local tech companies and discover important entrepreneurial resources available to those who want to be part of the region's emerging tech community. Larry is a self-described visionary and serial entrepreneur who aims to do something good for society, engaging in technology, scientific marketing and dentistry to create more efficient processes that "help people feel better about themselves and do more with their lives.

Join more than civic and business leaders for the region's premier advocacy trip to the nation's capital. With so much at stake, this is an important opportunity to meet with members of Congress and senior Obama Administration officials on priorities important to Southern California's economy. This year's trip includes special briefings with lawmakers, advocacy meetings on specific regional issues and unparalleled business networking with fellow participants. In this class, learn how to protect such valuable information. Dylan Wiseman is a shareholder in the firm of Littler Mendelson.

He represents employers in cases involving trade secrets, unfair competition, employee mobility, non-solicitation restrictions, and related matters, and has been lead trial counsel in several complex-designated jury trials. Henry Josefsberg, Esq. He has served as an expert witness, published articles and presented seminars on trade secret and employment litigation, planning, polygraph testing, damage issues, psychiatric issues, sexual harassment, releases of liability, and other topics.

Perry L. Segal is one of the most prominent voices in California at the intersection of law and technology. In July , e-Discovery Insights was selected by the Library of Congress for inclusion in their historical archives. Perry consulted with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office "Protecting Our Kids" program, which helps parents and other concerned adults safeguard the Internet activities of young people, protects kids from online predators and prevents them from engaging in Internet crime.

Perry maintains a solo law practice and in addition, a consulting practice, Charon Solutions, Inc. All registrants must check-in 10 minutes prior to class time to ensure your seat is not reassigned to waiting-list and walk-in attendees when classes are full. If you register for this class, you may be photographed or recorded. Learn more here. Executive in residence with the Los Angeles Clean Incubator; seasoned human resources executive with more than 15 years of experience in strategic HR staffing. Veteran recruiter serving VC-backed tech companies.

Presented by Stephen L. Kane with the support of Bixel Exchange. Class includes a bonus presentation from the L. County Small Business Concierge on government contracting and business development resources available through the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. John L. With over thirty years of legal experience, Mr. In , he was Board certified as an appellate specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization.

Join the Council as we discuss the government's role in building and managing this growing sector of the economy with L. Public safety, emergency preparedness, beautification and traffic reduction are some of the key quality of life issues Bob fights for in his district. Bob is also committed to social justice, equality and opportunity for all Angelenos. This FREE workshop provides basic understanding of accounting and finance that is critical for entrepreneurs.

You will gain an overview of the key financial statements, financial modeling and financing alternatives, and have the chance to work on a basic financial model in Excel. Mackenzie is a CPA-turned-entrepreneur. She is the founder and managing director of Square Root Financial SRF , a financial services firm that provides CFO, accounting and bookkeeping services to early-stage and other high-growth technology companies.

Mackenzie is also on the board of directors at imagine1day USA , the brainchild of Lululemon's founder, Chip Wilson, and his wife Shannon. Getting the most out of your sales and marketing dollar is an undervalued aspect of running a business. In this class, learn how to develop an effective marketing strategy to reach the most profitable volume of sales for your business. Presented by Doug Korte with the support of Bixel Exchange. Doug Korte is an accomplished global technology executive and respected transformational leader, with experience in turning around and growing high-tech companies from start-up to Fortune Learn how to apply for and obtain small business loans, plus learn about other funding options like crowdfunding, private equity, and more.

Since then, he's hired a chief technology officer and implemented a pilot program that employs tech to improve response times and public safety. Join us as we discuss implementing technological change and innovation in the fire department. Presented by: Prof. Join us Nov. Visit the event site HERE to register. Most businesses plateau at different stages of development. Business owners looking to make the next step in growth will want to be aware of potential roadblocks holding them back: issues like legal compliance, accounting practices, or how business decisions are made.

Learn about common impediments to growth and how to overcome them. This free speaker engagement features Bixel advisor and friend, Douglas Korte. Crowdfunding is a great way to provide capital for your business, build your customer base, and create buzz and press. But how do you position yourself for success? Bring the assets and information you have on your project: your idea, your pitch, your video, your perks, even your Indiegogo draft campaign, and we'll work with you to get your campaign "launch-ready.

What you learn will make you many times more likely to succeed, no matter what you're funding. This workshop will:. Speaker - Adam Chapnick. She will chat with us about her experiences building a community of startups and entrepreneurs in Silicon Beach! A member of the Information Technology subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Lieu has most recently been rallying against FBI consideration to have tech companies create a "backdoor" to their products and services that would allow law enforcement to circumvent encryption technology but also leave items vulnerable to exploitation by others.

Lieu also led discussions against the National Security Agency's bulk collection of metadata during the vote for extending the Patriot Act. Check out an article from the Washington Post to learn more about Lieu's thoughts on encryption technology. Please mark your calendars for our next council on Crowdfunding. Adam Chapnick, a Bixel Exchange Technology Advisor, is a globally recognized serial entrepreneur known for disrupting long-established industries with tech-supported new-model approaches.

He is a prolific thought-leader on rewards-based and equity crowdfunding, having presented at hundreds of events around the world and in dozens of verticals since Adam also founded Distribber. You can find him on Twitter adamchapnick. Chance Barnett is the Founder and CEO of Crowdfunder, a leading equity crowdfunding platform that works with influencers and celebrities to transforms their social influence into financial capital.

Crowdfunder allows people to become shareholders and owners in great startups and businesses. Chance also serves as an advisor to several internet startups and entrepreneurs in Southern California, including investing in some entrepreneurs and deals when to add value and enhance the team.

He has even worked with partners and bootstrapped businesses using online advertising and direct response fundamentals to test and grow the business without the aid of seed or venture capital. In addition, he is an author and in demand speaker. Howard Leonhardt is an inventor and serial entrepreneur. He has 20 U. These include cardiovascular balloon catheters, stent grafts for aneurysm repair, and artificial lung catheter. His inventions have treated over , patients in 60 countries.

BioLeonhardt is developing the first implantable programmable and re-fillable stem cell pump. Bixel Exchange SBDC focuses on advising ventures that are within the rapidly evolving segments of the tech eco-system, including, ecommerce, adtech, clean tech, digital media, gaming, mobile and social media. Bixel Exchange serves entrepreneurs through a specialized advisory program and through collaboration with accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, venture capitalists, angel investors and private equity firms, universities, research institutions, innovation labs and government.

Join us as we kick off our very first Client Orientation of the Year! The Evolution of Entertainment Conference E2 is a can't miss event for all who are interested in or currently working in the field of entertainment or new media. E2 is focused on the evolving changes that have made a tremendous impact on the business of entertainment. This event is an excellent educational and networking opportunity that will help industry newcomers and veterans alike understand the latest changes in the industry - as described by the decision makers themselves!

Featured presenters include:. With the announcement that the LAPD will initiate the use of 7, wearable body cameras to increase transparency and trust within the community, we will sit down with Steve Soboroff, President of the Los Angeles Police Commission , to discuss this initiative, the technology behind it and the future of technology and law enforcement.

Comparative Advantage Practice

Soboroff will be accompanied by Daniel Gomez, Officer in Charge — Tactical Technology Section to demonstrate some of their technology first hand. As the LAPD concludes their demonstration we will transition to the runway for a wearables showcase featuring some of the best examples of fashion meeting technology. The content portion of the evening will finish up with a panel of LA based fashion experts. Their expertise will range from wearable devices, innovative materials and the LA fashion landscape.

As at all of our events: networking, food and beverage will be present throughout. We'd be honored to have you participate. Shout out to General Assembly for this awesome deal! Twitter: SteveSoboroff. She also founded the annual Innovative Materials Conference which she curates once a year at the college. Upesleja liaises with such international companies as Hugo Boss, C. She gives lectures on sustainability, high performance fabrics, biocouture, and wearable technology to FIDM students and at events. Kristine Upesleja was educated in Berlin and moved to Los Angeles in Vanessa resides in Los Angeles with her two dogs, Lefty and Maverick and enjoys going to concerts, running and cooking.

She is also on the Leadership Council of the Fulfillment Fund. Police Body Cam. Voyce - Monitoring Dog's Health and Wellness. Voyce is unlike any pet tracker on the market. Its advanced sensors tracks vital signs, such as heart rate and respiratory rate, along with wellness indicators like activity, rest, and calories burned. Designers were challenged to accommodate two distinct end users: dogs and humans. TruePosture by Adela Health.

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  • Adela Health develops cutting-edge wearable, medical and health devices for active posture management, training, and remote monitoring. The devices use patented technology to measure the curvature of the spine very accurately and provide immediate feedback to the user. The devices also send the posture data to smart phones and info centers through Bluetooth for remote monitoring and analysis. The first application of the technology is a comfortable undershirt embedded with nano-sensors along the spine. The feedback is in the form of a gentle vibration to remind you to sit up or stand up straight.

    Free apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows are available for real-time display of spinal positioning. TruePosture trains for better muscle control, strengthens the muscles and the core and ultimately makes good posture a habit. Want to know the tech forecast for ? Learn more about each speaker below. He lives in Woodland Hills with his wife, Kafi, and their two children. From there, she was elected to the Monterey Park City Council, where she served as Mayor three times. In , she became the first Chinese American woman elected to Congress in history. Parking Instructions : The parking garage can be accessed via 4th Street.

    Instruct the attendant you are here for the Bixel Exchange Client Orientation, he will direct you where to park. Be sure to bring your parking ticket with you and we will validate it. Please check in with the receptionist at the front desk.

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    Happy New Year! Register here. See you there. Please join us as we welcome L. Ron Galperin will discuss his goals to partner with L. Galperin is looking for the best and brightest minds of L. For many years, Galperin has been a leading voice on reforming government, cutting waste and helping businesses create jobs. Mitra joined SAP in after 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur launching, growing and selling a managed IT services firm.

    Click to RSVP. Legal mistakes can doom even the best startup concepts and founding teams. In this class we'll save you time, money, and heartache by preparing you to deal with the essential legal issues that every startup faces. Stephen Kane is a Los Angeles based business attorney providing California small businesses and startups with quality legal services at reasonable rates. You have a lot of options when hiring a new attorney and attorneys are pretty good at telling you why they're the best person for the job.

    So what sets him apart? His business experience and approach. He's one of very few practicing attorneys who's also been an entrepreneur and business owner. This gives him the insight he needs to provide you with practical advice rooted in both legal doctrine and real world experience. A great number of business decisions boil down to risk-reward, especially when the law's involved - so rather than tell you what to do he aims to properly equip you with the information you need to make your own business decision. If you are a Bixel Exchange client , please contact lwoody lachamber.

    There are few places with better opportunities, both financial and creative, to apply real-time and predictive analytics than the sports and entertainment industries. Massive amounts of data have been captured over the years to improve spectator experience, talent performance, statistics and more. Exciting breakthroughs in software and hardware recently have allowed for rapid, efficient, and accurate processing of this data. But how is this information being used? From sabermetrics for improving team performance to fan analytics personalizing live and virtual spectators' experience, big data applications in sports are weaving together incredible narratives that end-users have never had access to before.

    We're going to kick things off with a tour of their brand new statistics center, followed by trophy room access and a peak at the field. Afterwards, we'll hop back into the exclusive Stadium Club for a panel discussion featuring some of today's top sports and entertainment minds in the big data realm. We'll close the evening with great conversation, tasty food, and libations abound. His focus is on the intersection of Sports and Media where he is responsible for the strategic direction for the Media industry, oversees the global Media business and leads go to market activities as it relates to Media, Sports and Entertainment.

    Richard is based in the US but has a global focus. He also served on the management team of eCompanies, an incubator which created successful ventures like Jamdat acquired by EA , Business. Sims began his career on the Internet by co-founding Sun Valley Internet, a web development firm based in the resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho. Prior to McKinsey, she worked at a consulting firm helping clients derive business value through data driven insights.

    Gallego also contributed to the strategic development and growth for a private multi-billion dollar science foundation. She spent her graduate studies focusing on map-reduce technologies, web-crawling, data mining, and natural language processing. Prior to graduate school, she spent a number of years developing lean systems and efficient solutions in finance for a Fortune company.

    In the past, Andrea was a USA Team duathlete, a Boston marathon finisher, and actively participates in similar endurance events. By handling massive volumes of structured and unstructured data entirely in its in-memory database, SAP HANA enables applications and analytics to execute their data intense operations right where data resides. In doing so, SAP HANA helps customers to achieve performance improvements of up to , times compared to traditional, disk-based databases while running non-disruptively alongside the existing technology landscape.

    In this role, Mr. Macwan held a number of technology and innovation roles spanning areas of mobility, cloud, multimedia, Internet Architecture, and large scale Application Development. In his last role, he led a team of engineers and technologists focused on mobility, cloud, enterprise, emerging services, and security. Mark Noronha is the Americas Lead for Startup Engagement at the SAP Startup Focus Program, working with the entire startup community including startups, accelerators and incubators, venture firms, and universities.

    His diverse set of global experiences includes creating, transforming, and managing organizations and teams across various industry sectors including design, Internet, technology, manufacturing, and retail. Mark is also a co-founder of Raaya Design, an innovation and design firm based in San Francisco.

    Event Host:. He will share his thoughts about the challenges and opportunities presented by the new sharing economy in an interview-styled discussion. This event marks the first time representatives from Airbnb will engage business leaders in Los Angeles. RSVP now. Complete this form to become eligible for a free evaluation by our advisors as well as the opportunity to attend our events as our guest. Join us to learn more about the evolving concepts and trends in digital media and digital media technology as told from the perspective from several innovative corporate accelerators.

    Hear from a distinguished panel of thought leaders in the interactive media space, accelerators, and emerging media platforms. Listen to how their programs and portfolios are shaping the space, glean insights from some of their favorite practices and discover which trends and technology can be adapted for your business. I would appreciate it if you pass this special post on to others through email , your blog, school newsletter, or a retweet!

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    Help me honor all of those amazing educators! Days are filling up! Sign up and retweet… — Mike Gorman 21centuryedtech. Teacher Day Discounts — Check out this other list of free and discounted possibilities for this week and even all year. Today, I travel around the country providing professional development involving all sorts of exciting educational possibilities. In those school districts I do my best to provide learning experiences for students and educators just as I have always done in the classroom.

    Little did I know that because I could only teach, I would find richness beyond monetary wealth! I dedicate this list of reasons to all of those great educators who teach because they cannot do anything else! I would really appreciate you taking the time to share! Most of all enjoy the week and know that you are appreciated!

    I could go on and on! After all, as teachers, we really are preparing students for what they will do best in the world. Historical Look — Both Political and Educational leaders started discussions for a day to honor our teachers in Remember this is a day to not just recognize teachers of today… but all of those teachers that made such an impact in all of our educations.

    Thanks for joining me on another journey dedicated to learning in the 21st Century! As always I invite you to follow me on Twitter mjgormans , I will return the favor and we can teach each other! I also encourage you to sign up for this blog by email or RSS. I invite you to share this posts with others through email or a retweet! I am finding my calendar becoming full but still have some dates through January Leave a comment.

    Welcome to this first post in a series that promotes student inquiry in the classroom. I believe that inquiry really involves the art of knowing how to ask a question. At the same time, it is important to understand the science of answering the question asked, and knowing when it brings up a new question. I often call this the inquiry spiral.

    You will discover multiple resources in this series along with some great ideas for finding student success in student owned inquiry. I promise you will find some great information coming your way in the posts that follow…So sign up now and please pass this on with a retweet. I really like Diving and Investigative Questions.

    In fact, I like them so much more than Essential Questions. You might ask why? You may remember that in the revision the different levels were changed into action. In fact, I strongly believe that learning is a verb and is based on action. As students bring this process around to identify answers and ideas that finally converge, they are suddenly back on the path to even higher order divergent thinking.

    It is amazing to watch students become aware that answers can bring on even more questions. I believe that both DQ and IQ allow students to take part in real inquiry and research. If the question is Google-able then it probably is not deep inquiry. Now, using advanced Google skills to find answers that create more questions fits the bill for common core skills.

    Literacy that is built to comprehend, analyze, compare, contrast, and make meaning of nonfiction across the disciplines is essential. Take a look at portions of standards educators must facilitate with students. These really do sound like some great inquiry action that can be found on the super highway of Driving Questions. Let me explain. Why are driving and investigative questions so difficult? The question must be simply stated so that students can uncover the content standards themselves. It should not give away the contents standards which students may not really care about.

    It should engage the students and create wonderment through relevance to their world. The added bonus of building important 21st-century skills is a natural outcome. Keep in mind that the Driving or Investigative Question may take on many names. The important point is that it drives an investigation based on student owned inquiry. It really is the very first step in providing students that opportunity to not just answer the question, but come up with their own inquiry. Thank you for joining me and I hope you found this information something you can use in your school and useful to share with other educators.

    As always, I invite you to follow me on twitter mjgormans. Please give this post a retweet and pass it on to someone who will benefit. Have a great week… enjoy the Websites! You see… we really must learn to put into practice some of the best lessons never taught! Talking about best lessons… how about some best PD? Have an exciting tournament and a wonderful week! The post also contained 17 links to help bring the engagement and excitement of the NCAA tournament to your classroom. When basketball can be integrated with content standards and 21st century education, everyone wins.

    Please stake a moment to enjoy these next 17 links. What is a Slam Dunk? It could just be a slam dunk lesson! Students will enjoy the video, accompanying fact, and any activity incorporated with it. Students follow a profile of Elton Brand, an accomplished basketball player who uses math in his work, students are presented with this mathematical basketball challenge.

    This site does require free registration for educators. Great multimedia and ideas for your project! It demonstrates the difference between precision and accuracy. Students design a device that can shoot a basketball free-throw shot accurately every time. A wonderful article that promotes both sports and academics.

    These games can be used in the classroom in connection with smart boards and Promethean boards. Best of all, students learn how to make sense of the data they collect. It is also a wonderful time to use a basketball to display the laws of physics. Using video segments and web interactives, students engage in an exploration of mathematics, specifically reasoning and sense making, to solve real world problems. Perhaps you can create an activity around this. Where Will it Go?

    • The Brave, Brave, Mouse?
    • Building the Body: 2008 - Winter.
    • Featured episodes.
    • This is a perfect opportunity to use any ball… or perhaps a basketball? It might be the basis for a great STEM lesson during this exciting basketball season. Discovery Education — Basketball resources that you can use with your students. You will find some great activities. There are some amazing resources presented by Discovery and the NBA. So there are the rest of those NCAA links. Please follow and sign up.

      If this has been useful please give a retweet! It means a lot! Thanks for joining me in my tribute to education and the need to include student voice, choice and relevance to learning. In the coming weeks you will discover posts devoted to 21st century education including such topics as Flipped Classrooms, Project Based Learning, Assessing 21st century skills, technology integration, web resources, and digital literacy.

      I enjoy learning from all of you. I also appreciate your sharing of this post and any retweets. Have a great week! As you might know I am a big time fan of Project Based learning. I also have some great educational basketball lesson possibilities. Please enjoy and share this special story through a retweet or email.

      It was twenty minutes before the first school bell would ring, signifying the beginning of another day of learning. Students were beginning to enter and fill the classroom. There was air of extreme excitement as the teacher looked from nook to corner. It was a typical room filled with students, desks, chairs, and a few computers.

      This morning seemed to be different from the others.