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National Today. Ashura is a holy day for Muslims all over the world, celebrated on the 10th day of Muharram, according to the Islamic calendar.

This year, Ashura falls on September Other Muslim sects spend the day fasting and meditating. In Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 24, three explosions kill one person and injure 80 in an Ashura procession.

Ashura reminds us that Islam is an integral part of the Abrahamic tradition ǀ View

In a purely political move, Saddam Hussein bans the religious observence honoring Ashura commemorations. The battle takes place between Husayn ibn Ali, his supporters, and the Yazid forces. Husayn and his supporters are beheaded. Islam remembers them as martyrs and the battle has great significance for Shi'a Muslims. After Hijrah, when the Prophet Muhammad flees persecution by traveling from Mecca to Medina, Muhammad designates Ashura as a day of fasting from sunset to sunset.

Later Ashura becomes a voluntary observance. On this day, Shi'a Muslims wear mourning attire, while some make pilgrimages to the shrine in Karbala, Iraq.

Shia Muslim pilgrims mark Ashura in Iraq's Karbala - BBC News

Observances include offering respect and mourning the passing of Husayn. Parties, music, and weddings are banned during this sad time. It commemorates the day when Allah created a path in the Red Sea and saved Moses and his followers. In Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Hosay Ashura takes on a unique character that demonstrates religious tolerance and mutual respect.

Iraq: Shia pilgrims flood Karbala to mark Ashura

Attended by Muslims and people of other faiths, the celebration has absorbed influences from many other religions like Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, and traditional Baptist practices. The date for Ashura remains the same the 10th day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar but changes every year for people who follow the Gregorian calendar.

Self-flagellation is practiced by many Muslims mainly Shi'a men in some parts of the world in remembrance of the sacrifice of Husayn.

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On the holy day of Ashura, Muslims consider all the ways to improve and grow stronger in their faith, thereby earning more blessings. Some people, particularly Sunni Muslims, fast during Ashura voluntarily, but unlike during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan , it is not considered compulsory. It is believed by some that the Prophet Muhammad used to fast on this day and initially encouraged others to do so. Some say he first decided to do so after discovering that Jewish communities fasted on this day to mark Moses and the Israelites being saved.

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It was also thought to be a day that Moses himself fasted. Shi'a Muslim communities mark the day through mournful sermons, prayers, and plays reenacting the battle of Kerbala.

When is Ashura?

Some make pilgrimages to a shrine to Husayn ibn Ali in Kerbala, while in Shi'a communities around the world, parades take place during which people walk through the streets beating their chests to show grief. Others practice self-flagellation to commemorate the suffering he went through, but certain clerics discourage this and call for people to give blood donations as an alternative.

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