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Lidar: Introduction to Light Detection and Ranging. Light Detection and Ranging. These data will provide new insights into how invasive species are spreading over time and how changes in climate and land use impact forest health and their ability to sequester carbon. These data may also be combined with field-based measurements to estimate ground and atmospheric conditions across sites. Vegetation health, distribution and biochemistry play an important role in how ecosystems change.

Collecting airborne remote sensing data of an ecosystem can provide valuable insights into these processes, especially when they are surveyed following major disturbance events such as floods or wildfires.

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However, the equipment needed to collect these data can be cost prohibitive for a research study. NEON can also provide ground support e. Learn more about using NEON infrastructure for research.

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Top definition. Airborne unknown. A military unit which is made up of Paratroopers.

Fort Bragg is the Home of the Airborne. The one true American fighting man.

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If a soldier is not man enough to risk his neck as a paratrooper , then he is nothing more than a shit bag half ass pussy leg. Airborne belongs to Hummel.

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What was once useful in combat, but now is nothing more than a dog and pony show. Airborne soldiers are known for their cult-like mentality and they use brainwashing techniques to seduce young impressionable minds.


Paratrooper : "I'm airborne , so I am a badass. Shaping the composites value chain of tomorrow. For lots of industries advanced composites are the answer to their challenges. But how can we make mass customisation affordable for every industry?

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